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2021: the summary

Another year comes to an end.
Can you believe that this is a third yearly summary on this blog? What a journey!

What can I say about 2021? To be honest, I’m quite glad it’s almost over! It’s been a very challenging time on multiple levels. A year of sad news and life changing milestones, but reflecting on them all now I also see growth. Opening the windows where the doors have been shut. Changing directions and paths, and finding out that the answers are usually within yourself.

But not to be to gloomy and emo here, a lot of good things happened too and looking into my last year’s resolutions, I’ve managed to tick off almost all of them.

Awesome things that I made happen this year:

  • completed 2nd year of uni with lovely grades
  • 1.5 year of working as a frontend dev
  • got my first real payrise 🤑
  • achieved my savings goal for this year (actually, I saved a bit more than I’ve planned to 🤟)
  • took active part in creating a mobile app
  • started creating my own mobile app
  • learned Ionic, Vue3, React, Express.js, Three.js, A-Frame
  • still haven’t got infected with Covid-19 🦠 😷
  • seen my sister getting married
  • sent Hannah to primary school (😱 )

Resolutions for the next year?

  • graduate university with first class honours
  • release my app
  • keep working as a developer
  • see my family a bit more
  • save more money (#housedeposit)
  • travel around the UK a little
  • finally see Green Day (those 2020 tickets are still waiting… 😵‍💫)

How was your 2021?

Do you have any resolutions for the upcoming year?

If you would like to read my previous yearly summaries, click on the links below:

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*Featured image by Moritz Knöringer on Unsplash

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Second year at uni: the summary

Another year of being a student has come to an end. 2/3 years complete. I remember thinking three years is a long time, but honestly, time seems to be going a lot quicker nowadays. Being a student (especially while having loads of other responsibilities) is a hard work, but I already start to feel a bit sad that this chapter of my life will be gone a lot faster that I thought.
Enough sobbing, time for a summary of a second year at university!

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katvonwiesendorf.com redesign

Hey folks! Long time no see, eh? I have a perfectly good explanation for this dead season here on the blog though. Between work, uni assignments and keeping a 4 year old alive and content, I had barely time to breath.

Anyway, it’s been 5 years since I have created a custom theme for my little photography venture, katvonwiesendorf.com.
It became a bit dated, and I have gained so much more knowledge in the past few years, so I thought I will redesign and redevelop a brand new theme for this website. I also do not post there as often as I did, but don’t have a heart to delete it as it’s still a big part me, therefore I’m planning on changing the purpose of it from a blog, to more of a portfolio site, where anyone can cherish the beautiful memories immortalised in a photograph.

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How to stay motivated in 3 simple steps

In my opinion, motivation and focus are the keys to success. No matter what your end goal is, when you are motivated, you have a perseverance to keep on going. Being focused also helps when things aren’t as smooth as anticipated.
In this blog post I will share 3 simple steps that help me stay motivated and focused. Those tips work for anything you would like to achieve in your life, career goals, education goals, fitness goals, money goals etc.

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Give me gif, Slack – case study

The aim of this case study has focused on creating a contemporary design concept that would solve the issue of poor accessibility to gifs on Slack.

Emoji and animated messages have become a part of our writing culture. Sceptics might have thought that it is a step backwards in evolution (back to the time when people use hieroglyphs, perhaps?), but there are a lot of positives about this change. Using emoji can lighten the overall mood of the text, is understood across different languages and adds the ability to quickly express thoughts or emotions. According to Contactually, “your brain processes what it’s seeing on video 60,000 times faster than it processes text.” Sending a gif or a meme can also help improve communication between co-workers and is a great way to tighten the relationships.

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2020: the summary

Another year has gone by and what a year it’s been! Hell of the rollercoaster 🎢 ride for most of us, right?
As every December, I like to pause for a minute, create a list of things that were awesome that year, and also some resolutions for the year ahead.
It’s really cool to look back in the past and see how we, and everything around has changed, so let’s look into my last year’s resolutions:

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Create a simple toggle switch in React

Dark themes have become really popular in the recent years, and a lot of websites have given their users the ability to choose between light and dark mode. This personalisation also increases accessibility, as some people struggle to read black letters on white background, and prefer to switch to light letters on a dark background.
Toggle switch is, in my opinion, the best way to incorporate light/dark mode feature. Today I’m gonna show you how to create a simple, yet effective toggle switch.

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