Another year of being a student has come to an end. 2/3 years complete. I remember thinking three years is a long time, but honestly, time seems to be going a lot quicker nowadays. Being a student (especially while having loads of other responsibilities) is a hard work, but I already start to feel a bit sad that this chapter of my life will be gone a lot faster that I thought.
Enough sobbing, time for a summary of a second year at university!

Thanks to the ongoing pandemic, I haven’t been on the campus since March 2020. After a year of online classes, I really got used to this type of learning, and part of me kinda wishes it will keep going in this format next year. Time efficiency and ability to rewatch recorded lectures are two great benefits that really helped me stay on top of everything, and fit uni around work and being a mother.

This year’s units were a good mix of design, UI, UX, marketing, web app development and research methods!

The web app development unit was the best one so far, where we built a web app’s using Express.js, and really dived deep into what I like the most: coding. I’ve learnt more about Node.js, authentication, APIs and maps.

Points of interest web app created at WebAppDevelopment unit

I also really enjoyed getting to know React on Interaction Design unit. This was my first encounter with this framework, but as I already knew Vue, I found a lot of similarities between them.

Interaction Design React components

As I mentioned earlier, this year was a good mix of design and coding, and Human Computer Interaction unit has let me design a whole website for an imaginary job agency. Usually at work I’m getting a design ready to code, so this was a good practice and I’ve come to realisation that I genuinely prefer coding over designing. 😅 Here is my project (fully working prototypes):

The last unit I would like to talk about is Research Methods Project. Initially I thought it would be the most boring one, with a huge, essay-type assignment at the end. Turned out to be quite useful and really got me into thinking about what I would actually want to build for my final major project next year. Happy to say I’ve got the idea and I can’t wait to create it and (hopefully 🤞) release it into the world!
How cool it would be to see other people using something I’ve built!

It has been a really good year of working hard no matter the circumstances, not giving up, and learning. I am proud to finish the second year of uni with the average grades at 79.1%

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