Hey folks! Long time no see, eh? I have a perfectly good explanation for this dead season here on the blog though. Between work, uni assignments and keeping a 4 year old alive and content, I had barely time to breath.

Anyway, it’s been 5 years since I have created a custom theme for my little photography venture, katvonwiesendorf.com.
It became a bit dated, and I have gained so much more knowledge in the past few years, so I thought I will redesign and redevelop a brand new theme for this website. I also do not post there as often as I did, but don’t have a heart to delete it as it’s still a big part me, therefore I’m planning on changing the purpose of it from a blog, to more of a portfolio site, where anyone can cherish the beautiful memories immortalised in a photograph.


Here are some screenshots of how the website is looking at the moment:

The design is minimal and most elements are working nicely, although under the hood doesn’t look good at all πŸ˜‚ I’ve made it with no prior knowledge on WordPress, so you gotta forgive me that haha.
Saying that, I have learned so much in the past year, I would say it is necessary to amend my past mistakes and create a shiny new theme that would actually show my present abilities.

The Design

The new design has been created in Figma. I got used to be handed a ready made design to develop, so the task of designing everything on my own was a nice way to let the creative juices flow.
I still like the original header, so I have decided to keep it. As mentioned before, the new KVW is more of a portfolio, therefore the blog section and everything that comes with it (archive etc) had to go. In it’s place- a carousel slider with a good selection of shots from all of the categories. Call to action button and a short info about… me πŸ˜€
I use tailwind and tailwindUI components at work all the time (ok, most of the time) and they are so good I could not not add a bit of tailwindUI magic here too πŸ™Š

Design ready, now it’s time to develop! Stay tuned! πŸ”œ

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