Finally got to process and sit down to write the summary of the third year at uni -the last leg of this great, life-changing journey that university has became. After graduating I jumped into full-time employment, which with addition to being a parent, leaves no room for much more extra activities. Although I was super happy to finally see the finish line, some part of me was a bit sad that this part of my life is ending.

As you can imagine, everyone’s focus in the third year is the dissertation. For anyone on IT related course, that means building an artefact and a 10k report on it. I had the idea for my final major project (FMP) for some time now, which helped tremendously as, surprise surprise, there really isn’t much time.

My FMP project, Haircare Scan has been a very cool project to work on and it turned out amazing for the time and resources I had to develop it. (click here to read more about this PWA app)

Other units

Apart from a dissertation, third year of uni also came with some interesting units: Data Science, Immersive Technologies, Industrial Consulting Project and Contemporary Web Applications. My favourite units were Data Science, Immersive Technologies and Contemporary Web Applications.
Although I know for sure I do not want to become a data analyst, a data science unit gave me an insight into this part of IT. Data Science has been a buzz word in a tech world and I was always interested what exactly comes with it.
On Immersive Technologies we have learned about VR and AR and created our own augmented reality PWA. The possibilities of using those technologies are endless and creating own own app of points of interest around Southampton that you can use in real life was mega fun.
And lastly, the contemporary web applications has taught me more about PWA and React and the cooking app for students that I have created turned out to be a super cool application.

Third year was all about self managing your project and a lot of coding. The timelines were tight but I’ve managed just fine and scored the average of 82.6% for the third year alone and overall a whooping 85.12%, classifying me for a First Class honours degree in (Ba) Digital Design and Web Development.


The graduation day has been a perfect event celebrating the hardship and all the work I’ve put into getting this degree.
The cherry on top has been the news that I’ve also been awarded a British Computing Society (BCS) award in Computing for Web Development! Walking the stage to receive my diploma has been one of the proudest moments of my life and I’m so glad I’ve never gave up on my dreams.

And here I am, a Bachelor of Science and a web developer.
Some people say going to uni or a degree is not worth much anymore, but it opened the door to a life and a career I’ve dreamed about. I’d say it’s very much worth it!

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