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Hey folks! Long time no see, eh? I have a perfectly good explanation for this dead season here on the blog though. Between work, uni assignments and keeping a 4 year old alive and content, I had barely time to breath.

Anyway, it’s been 5 years since I have created a custom theme for my little photography venture,
It became a bit dated, and I have gained so much more knowledge in the past few years, so I thought I will redesign and redevelop a brand new theme for this website. I also do not post there as often as I did, but don’t have a heart to delete it as it’s still a big part me, therefore I’m planning on changing the purpose of it from a blog, to more of a portfolio site, where anyone can cherish the beautiful memories immortalised in a photograph.


Here are some screenshots of how the website is looking at the moment:

The design is minimal and most elements are working nicely, although under the hood doesn’t look good at all πŸ˜‚ I’ve made it with no prior knowledge on WordPress, so you gotta forgive me that haha.
Saying that, I have learned so much in the past year, I would say it is necessary to amend my past mistakes and create a shiny new theme that would actually show my present abilities.

The Design

The new design has been created in Figma. I got used to be handed a ready made design to develop, so the task of designing everything on my own was a nice way to let the creative juices flow.
I still like the original header, so I have decided to keep it. As mentioned before, the new KVW is more of a portfolio, therefore the blog section and everything that comes with it (archive etc) had to go. In it’s place- a carousel slider with a good selection of shots from all of the categories. Call to action button and a short info about… me πŸ˜€
I use tailwind and tailwindUI components at work all the time (ok, most of the time) and they are so good I could not not add a bit of tailwindUI magic here too πŸ™Š

Design ready, now it’s time to develop! Stay tuned! πŸ”œ

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Fruition of my last assignment- website redesign of

Medium fidelity wireframes have been done in Adobe XD. Mobile first approach has been used in order to enhance the design as the screen sizes increases, rather than take cool stuff away with a decreased size.

After the initial survey, the colour scheme has been changed to suit wider group of users.

Style guide:


>See it on Behance

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