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Fruition of my last assignment- website redesign of

Medium fidelity wireframes have been done in Adobe XD. Mobile first approach has been used in order to enhance the design as the screen sizes increases, rather than take cool stuff away with a decreased size.

After the initial survey, the colour scheme has been changed to suit wider group of users.

Style guide:


>See it on Behance

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logo design assignment

Today is the day.

I am submitting for grading my first big report at Uni, I am quite proud of what I created. Ever since I got the brief for this assignment, I spent most of my free time (which is usually between 9pm and half past midnight), doing the research, designing and producing the logo and outputs and writing 2000 words report.

If you’re curious how the finished product looks like in all it’s glory, you can view it on my Behance portfolio here. For lazy or time-constrained, here are some snippets…

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