Another year comes to an end.
Can you believe that this is a third yearly summary on this blog? What a journey!

What can I say about 2021? To be honest, I’m quite glad it’s almost over!

It’s been a very challenging time on multiple levels. A year of sad news and life changing milestones, but reflecting on them all now I also see growth. Opening the windows where the doors have been shut. Changing directions and paths, and finding out that the answers are usually within yourself.

But not to be to gloomy and emo here, a lot of good things happened too and looking into my last year’s resolutions, I’ve managed to tick off almost all of them.

Awesome things that I made happen this year:

  • completed 2nd year of uni with lovely grades
  • 1.5 year of working as a frontend dev
  • got my first real payrise 🤑
  • achieved my savings goal for this year (actually, I saved a bit more than I’ve planned to 🤟)
  • took active part in creating a mobile app
  • started creating my own mobile app
  • learned Ionic, Vue3, React, Express.js, Three.js, A-Frame
  • still haven’t got infected with Covid-19 🦠 😷
  • seen my sister getting married
  • sent Hannah to primary school (😱 )

Resolutions for the next year?

  • graduate university with first class honours
  • release my app
  • keep working as a developer
  • see my family a bit more
  • save more money (#housedeposit)
  • travel around the UK a little
  • finally see Green Day (those 2020 tickets are still waiting… 😵‍💫)

How was your 2021?

Do you have any resolutions for the upcoming year?

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*Featured image by Moritz Knöringer on Unsplash

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