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happy hour talk

As some of you may know, I was supposed to give a talk during a happy hour industry talks today…

Unfortunately, because of the recent situation around the world (aka COVID-19 outbreak), those talks have been canceled. I was really looking forward to this new adventure and to share my thoughts and experiences with my fellow uni students attending Happy Hour, so I decided to take a brave step and record the presentation.

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3 things I’ve learnt during WITW, other than the industry knowledge

Few weeks ago I attended a Work In The Web workshop over in sunny Leeds (if you would like to read more about the event, HERE is the link)

Workshop has been an amazing adventure and I am so glad I got to go and be part of it.  I love events like this one, where days are filled with great talks and panels and you’re spending time with like-minded people. The good thing about them, you’re learning a lot more than just what’s on the agenda…

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2019: the summary

The year of 2019 is coming to an end so it’s time for a little recap!

Every December I am making two lists, a list of what I did good this year, and a resolutions for a next year. Thanks to being way to organised, I was able to look back on my last years lists, and can happily say that I managed to fulfil most of my resolutions for 2019. Yay for me!

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show your work!

All right… first posts are always weird and hard to write, but I will do my best to make it as little awkward as possible. Here we go!

Hello! I’m Kat. As you can read in a little bio on the right of the page, I’m a first year student of Web Design and Development. But I’m not a typical student… I’m 26, have an amazing three year old daughter, a husband and a part-time job. Oh! I’m also a photographer in a spare time!

Ok, going back to why we are all here. I red a great book recently. It’s actually one of the books from one of my uni modules’s reading list, so thank u, Martin, for putting it up there so I could discover it. The book I’m talking about is “Show your work!” by Austin Kleon.

I decided to listen to the book’s advice and create a little place in the Internet for my development. I will take u behind the scenes of the stuff I do, show my little creations and share more or less organised thoughts of a mature student.

Welcome on board, hope you’ll enjoy the journey with me!

Featured image by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

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