Few weeks ago I attended a Work In The Web workshop over in sunny Leeds (if you would like to read more about the event, HERE is the link)

Workshop has been an amazing adventure and I am so glad I got to go and be part of it.  I love events like this one, where days are filled with great talks and panels and you’re spending time with like-minded people. The good thing about them, you’re learning a lot more than just what’s on the agenda…

Here are three things I’ve learnt, other than industry knowledge.

  1. I’m not as introvert as I think I am.
    In the past I would struggle to go somewhere on my own. Going across the country, check into a hotel and go to an event ALL BY MYSELF? That wouldn’t happen. But I’m not who I was years ago, and those stuff aren’t scary anymore. And just like a person who lost a lot of weight but still sees herself in the mirror as obese, I still see myself as a shy girl, dependent from other people. I need to constantly remind myself that I’m not.
  2. What I am being taught at Uni is REALLY what people do in the industry.
    Technology sector is changing very fast, and for some reason I thought that updating a whole uni course to match this fast-changing industry is…impossible.  It’s been great knowing that my course curriculum is up to date and we are learning the good stuff.
  3. It’s ok not to know everything.
    I mean, it’s has to be, as there will always be someone ahead of you in their career, or someone who knows a lot more in some subjects than you. I may know some stuff, but it’s not even a tip of the mountain. And I probably never will know all of the stuff I need/should/want to know, but it doesn’t mean I will not try.
    The key is to accept this fact and instead of trying to be better than other people, be better than you from the past. Imposter syndrome is real, no matter if you’re just starting, are mid or a senior. Everyone I spoke about it, had to deal with it at some point. EVERYONE.

Ok now it’s your turn, what new thing did you learn recently?

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