As some of you may know, I was supposed to give a talk during a happy hour industry talks today…

Unfortunately, because of the recent situation around the world (aka COVID-19 outbreak), those talks have been canceled. I was really looking forward to this new adventure and to share my thoughts and experiences with my fellow uni students attending Happy Hour, so I decided to take a brave step and record the presentation.

As an introvert, this was not an easy task to do, and let’s all be honest I will not be the next great youtube influencer, but if at least one person finds it useful, it was worth the pain of 1926378162387 takes it took me to make the video well… watchable 😀

This is not how I wanted to give my first ever talk, but it’s ok.

As Julie Andrews said, “when one door closes, another window opens.” 

Stay safe guys✌️

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