With all grades released, that’s the end of my first year of Uni. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions, but I’m still positive

it was the best decision I could have ever made.

Time for a little summary…

Ever since I got those unconditional offers (or maybe even before that), I worried. I like to know what’s about to happen, and I do very much like to plan things out. As most freshers, I had so many questions on how is my life gonna look like now. Of course being 26, with a child and a job, finances and logistics where my main concern.
September came and I realised that most of my fears were…unnecessary. I’ve blended nicely with the rest of the students(which by the way are amazing and I feel like we support each others whenever possible) H. goes to the nursery 15hrs a week while I’m on campus and my workplace is really flexible with my shifts.
Don’t get me wrong, to be on top with everything was HARD and tiring. There is no doubt about that. But it was very rewarding in the same time.
And to finally be able to progress and learn and be given chances in a field you’re passionate about- priceless.

In the last 9 months I have learned so much! Design, UX, databases, systems analysis, Python, JavaScript, Git and more. Terminal is not terrifying anymore. I got the opportunity to take part in Agile Enterprise Hackathon, attend Work in The Web workshop in Leeds and then have been asked to speak about my experiences on Happy Hour Talks (which unfortunately had to be cancelled due to a pandemic just before my date. I have recorded this talk anyway and you can watch it HERE). I also had few chances interviewing, and been accepted for a great summer internship.
Finally, I’m ending my first uni year with average grades at 79.6%, which I think it’s pretty dang good.

Truth is, after a while you don’t remember those long nights spent reading books and writing essays or reports.
Few words for myself (and other students maybe) for the next year? Keep pushing, don’t give up, believe in yourself. And worry a bit less.
It will be all right.

Photo used in the post is by Cathryn Lavery on Unsplash

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