Don’t get me wrong, I ♥ CSS, but it can quickly take most of your coding time. The solution? TailwindCSS.

I’ve discovered it few months ago, when I started my internship, and it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with it.
What’s so good about this framework?

  • first of all, it’s really easy to get started!
  • documentation is great, meaning you don’t have to memorise anything.
  • it has everything you could need straight out of the box,
    but if you do need more,
  • it is fully customisable (also super easy to do so!)

The best options to get started is to install via npm or yarn, but you can also use CDN (just bear in mind this option comes with some limitations).

Long story short on how to understand tailwind: just add a class to your element, and tailwind will compile it to a beautiful CSS!
You have no idea how much time you’ll save by not going back and forth from one file to another, and using short names, like mt-2 or font-semibold. (All of which are in the documentation, so definitely check it out!)
Tailwind also has some lovely animation classes, so all you have to type is animate-pulse, animate-bounce, animate-spin or animate-ping, and call it a day, because your website now has awesome animation that only took seconds of your time!

Bonus stuff from Tailwind, that will make creating new projects a breeze? TAILWIND UI.
Ready made components, that you can use like building blocks.
Access to all of them is, unfortunately, paid but you can use some of them for free here.

Have you ever heard of Tailwind? Maybe you already used it in any of your projects? Or perhaps there is another CSS framework you really like?
Let me know!


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