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Some time ago, during one of our uni lectures, my friends and I were trying to list websites or apps,
where you can master your coding skills for free or really cheap.
As current lockdown force us to stay indoors (and please do! for everyone’s good πŸ™), I thought I will recreate that list and share with you all.
After all, when is the better time to learn something new?

  • Codecademy website

    Codecademy is, in my opinion, the most popular website to start your coding journey. A lot of content is free and the learning process is gamified, so it doesn’t feel like learning at all! Every time I want to learn a new language, I look at codecademy to get myself familiar with the syntaxes and basic rules.

  •  FreeCodeCamp

    As the name suggests, freeCodeCamp is completely free. It has a lot of fans all over the world, but for me personally, it’s been a bit.. clunky and not as user-friendly as other sites, so I didn’t stay there for long. What I loved there though, is earning the certificates and badges! ( who doesn’t like them, right? They always give a nice motivational boost.)

  • Udemy


    Different type of learning, but totally worth mention- Platform full of tutorials on all sorts of topics, not only programming. For those of you, who learn better while listening rather than reading (not me, unfortunately πŸ™ ) They always have some sort of discounts going on so it’s easy to get a great quality course at a great price (free ones also available).

  • SoloLearn (APP)

    My second favorite learning source! The main plus- it’s an app! So you have it always with you on your phone. Whenever you have some time to spare, open the app and learn! I loved doing the quizzes about different languages to cement my knowledge. The app and its content are free and I highly recommend downloading it. Instead of mindless scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, SoloLearn!

  • Pluralsight

    Great source of courses, and for the whole of April, all the content is FREE for new accounts! U can choose a single course or follow a particular path to master your skills. With technologies from Web Development, DevOps, Data, Architecture&Construction, Manufacturing&Design, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Bussiness Professional, Cyber Security, and Creative Professional, I am sure everyone will find something interesting to follow.

  • w3schools


    Every developer’s good friend. No matter if your a junior or senior, w3schools is probably the first source to look at when you’re stuck. It’s not fancy but 100% free and nicely explained. Oh! And you can get certificates too!

A Few more cool websites that will help you learn for free!

30 JavaScript challenges in 30 days (of course there are no strict rules that you have to keep to the time frame :D) Video tutorials from Wes Bos are easy to understand and follow. I have done a few projects from JS30 challenge myself and really enjoyed them. I recommend this to anyone who would like to get better in JS.

The Odin Project is a really cool open-source platform, where you can take different paths to learn to code for free.
Currently, there are three routes to take: Full-stack Ruby on Rails, Full-stack JavaScript and Front End only. I will definitely start one of them soon, as it seems to provide good knowledge forwarded with loads of projects to do to add to your portfolio πŸ™‚ Instructions are easy to understand, boosted with images and snippets of code.

CodeWars is great to test your knowledge and problem-solving in action. With lots of languages and technologies to choose from, everyone will find something up their street.
I think this would also be good preparation before a job interview!


Ok, so not a typical learning platform, but my good friend and awesome developer Vlad, has created this amazing IG community, and he posts his valuable content daily.
You will learn how to create a live search, infinity scroll effect or how to animate an icon and many many more, and you will realise that stuff you thought is difficult to achieve, is actually pretty easy to do! (at least I have realised that multiple times :D)
All you need to do is follow @scalipsum on Instagram, and if you would like to be a part of this great, ever-growing community, you can add yourself to the Discord channel too. Scalipsum also has a GitHub repository for all posts:
I like the idea of learning something new while scrolling through your Insta feed, and that every post focuses on one particular feature at a time.

Or course there are a lot more websites providing good quality knowledge, but they come with a bigger price-tag. To name a few:

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  1. Pauline

    Awesome selection! I love FreeCodeCamp, I find it one of the simpliest places to learn. I wish that it was around when I first started learning, I would’ve enjoyed it a lot back then 😊

    Thanks for sharing!

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