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Huge list of Figma plugins you should know about

Do you use Figma? If you do, then this list is just for you! Big list of my favourite figma plugins. They will make your work easier, faster and much more enjoyable!


Type in any brand and in seconds you have access to its logo, brand colours, brand fonts and Image. Saves you a lot of time googling that stuff manually! They even had (my photography blog) on, so I’m impressed!

My rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.


This is a plugin you didn’t know you needed in your life until you use it for the first time! I absolutely love Blobs, few clicks and you have a lovely shaped blob to use in your design. Adds a nice depth and a lot of coolness to your work!

My rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Material Design Icons

Enormous collection of icons to use in your designs. Export as and svg and job done! Simple and easy. 9/10 times you will find the icon you need there.

My rating:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Humaaans for Figma

My love for illustrations and illustrated people began from this plugin. Choose ready made person or create you own using components, change colours and there you have a little person! There are certain limitations (hairstyles for example) but it’s still really cool plugin worth installing.
For observant readers, yes, the illustration on my banner is made using this plugin!

My rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.


The newest find of mine, definitely useful, just didn’t really had an idea where I could actually use it! 😂 This plugin creates 2D metaball objects from circles, so when you need a meta shape, it will be a godsend for you.

My rating:

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Logo creator

Nice little plugin for those times when you quickly need some dummy logo. They are still in beta, so options are limited, but I still found it useful to have. Hopefully their collection will grow overtime.

My rating:

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Get Waves

Get instant coolness to your work by adding some waves! Few clicks and job done! Possibilities here are endless, but there is one downfall- you may spend a lot of time just generating more waves and not be able to choose just one! 🙊

My rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Select a shape inside a frame, tick some options and choose number of rows and columns… ta-daaah! Cool background done! Then you can change colour of some shapes (or not) People will think you’ve spend ages on it.

My rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Color Palletes

For those wanting a nice colour scheme, but not really good at matching colours (or just not having time to think about it!) This plugin provides you with a huge colour collection! It’s a yes from me!

My rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Pattern Hero

Select one of few objects, choose number of rows and columns and your have you own random pattern. The example below is done with simple shapes, so it may not be breathtaking, but imagine doing a pattern with different illustrations (like humaaans for figma people?)

My rating:

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Your recommendations:

Content Reel

Awesome recommendation by @BeckyFumagall, this plugin is a library full of dummy data, avatars and icons. You can also sign up to personalise your home tab to keep all your favourites in one place for a quick access. I’m definitely gonna use this plugin a lot!

Content Buddy

Another from Becky, this plugin lets you quickly replace text content with a different one. I’m sure it’s useful when your designs have a lot of different text areas.

Font Replacer

The last recommended by Becky. I was excited to try this one out, only to be a little bit disappointed by how it’s working. I was annoyed to have to have a text area selected before opening the plugin, not being able to see how different fonts looks like and then when you replace the font, the plugin closes down by itself… For someone really undecided who likes to try different fonts it is quite time-consuming.

Figma Manager

Thalion‘s recommendation. This plugin lets your organise your personal library of components, colours, texts and effect styles. The downfall is the price- 24$ a year for a personal licence.

Toolabs Design System Manager

Recommended by Namik Ozgur Aydin and I’m so happy to discover this system manager! It’s free and really powerful! The plugin is really intuitive, fast and you can personalise everything to suit your needs. You need to create an account prior to using it.


Gercek’s suggestion. Very good option for any flowcharts. I am definitely gonna use this one now instead of

What’s your favourite figma plugin?

This list is definitely not exhausted, so if you know a cool plugin that isn’t on this list, please share it with me and I will add it here for others to enjoy it too!

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  1. Gercek

    We love using Autoflow:

    • kat codes

      Thanks for a comment Gercek! I will definitely check this one out!

  2. Lukasz

    I did not know about Figma. Now I may think twice before using Sketch again.

    • kat codes

      Give Figma a go and see which one works best for your needs!

  3. yingming (@YingMing616)

    It would be nice to see the actual size of each plug-in illustrated.

    • kat codes

      Interesting point!

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