I haven’t done the monthly reads for a really long time, but as I’ve recently purchased a kindle ebook reader, and along with new uni year, I have made through quite a lot of good books this past month. I guess they might be worth sharing.

1. Invisible Influence: the hidden forces that shape behaviour by Jonah Berger

This one was on one my unit’s reading list, and Im positively surprised on how good it is! Really good insights on people’s behaviour.

Unfortunately had to give it back to the library quickly, as other student has requested it (which is why I invested in the kindle reader 🙊 )
Definitely will borrow it again in the future though!

2. Inclusive design patterns by Heydon Pickering

If you want to design for EVERYONE in mind, this is the book to read. Nicely written with good examples. Some parts may be a little tiny bit dated, but still very good resource.

I have this one in PDF, so it will stay with me for longer 😈

3. Progressive web apps by Jason Grigsby

The first encounter with this book I had after Work in the Web workshop, when Sam. has gave me the link to it ( thank u Sam!) It was really good to go back to it again (again, it’s on one of the unit’s reading list)
Progressive web apps are the future, so it will only do you good to know something about them.
The book itself is really easy to read. I think I went through it in 2 evenings.

4. Influence, impact, succeed- a practical guide to NLP for work by Dianne Lowther

Got this from amazon books (perks of being a student and having 6 months free prime account). I have learnt a lot about peoples behaviour and how others may impact your decisions. Knowledge like this can not only help you succeed in your goals, but also make you aware of how others may be using said influence on you – for their plans.

Have you read anything lately? Let me know!

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