Another month of some great reads! Due to the Christmas break, I haven’t managed to read as much as in November, but it’s about quality not quantity, right? Ok, let’s get started!

  1. Universal Principles of Design by William Lidwell, Kritina Holden & Jill Butler
    Amazing piece of literature, easy to read, with 125 different aspects to help you enhance your work. More than that, the contents have alphabetical order but also they grouped them by categories so you can easily find what you’re looking for.
    Totally recommend this position!
  2. Prioritizing Web Usability by Jakob Nielsen & How Loranger
    A good chunk of knowledge on improving usability of websites. Learned a lot from this book and I am sure I will go back to it again in the future.
  3. Design matters. How great design will make people love your company by Robert Brunner & Stewart Emery
    I took this one home with me because the cover caught my eye in the library. I was excited to read it, but finally I’m a little disappointed. I thought it would be more about designing digital stuff, but it turns out it’s more about companies and physical products. Don’t get me wrong, it ain’t a bad book. Just not the one I wanted to read

    ….and last but not least, and finally in my native language

  4. O co ci chodzi? by Dawid Bałutowski
    As most of you probably do not speak or read Polish, this position is all about interpersonal communication. As an introvert, I found it very helpful and I’m glad my mom gave it to me some time ago.What have you read lately? Tell me about it!
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