This post will be all about the books I’ve read in November. The university’s library is one of my favourite places on campus, and I wish I could stretch the day just a teeny time bit more to fit some time to read even more books ๐Ÿ˜€

Having two assignments due soon, all of my reads are about UX, research and prototyping, but I’m not a huge fiction fan anyway ๐Ÿ˜›

  1. UX Research by Brad Nunnally & David Farkas

    Book about research from the beginning to the end. To be honest, I hardly could stay awake while reading it. It may be great for some, but I did not find it useful for my needs.

  2. Interdisciplinary Interaction Design- A Visual Guide by James Pannafino

    Great position that explains most, if not all, design terms. The author uses easy to understand language and visual examples. I also love the layout of the pages, with terminology, discipline where the term originates from, short description and visual representation. Overally, great book to read, keep and come back to whenever needed.

  3. The elements of User Experience by Jesse James Garrett

    Whatever you need to know about user experience and user-centred design, you will probably find it in this book. Totally recommend for any web dev/ designer.

  4. Prototyping for Designers by Kathryn McElroy

    A second book on this list published by O’Reilly and I really like the layout of their books. This publication contains valuable knowledge about research and prototyping your ideas, whether they’re digital or physical. I learned a lot reading it and this knowledge became valuable during my first hackathon (which you can read about here).

  5. User’s Journey by Donna Lichaw

    This book is exactly what you think it is about- user’s journey. Nice, little book to help reader understand how customer’s ( or user’s) think and how to create better products/services.

    and last but not least…

  6. Responsive design: Patterns & Principles by Ethan Marcotte

    Great position to help you understand responsive design and how to properly create modern websites. It focuses on navigation systems, resizing and adapting images and managing ads for more device-independent layouts.

    Did you read any books in the past month? Tell me about it/them in the comments! Any recommendations are also welcome!

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