In the last post, I’ve shared my huge list of sources for license-free images (you can read it here).
I hope you enjoyed this library of free goodies because today I would like to list my go-to places when I need cool illustrations for my projects.

Here is my list of sources for licence-free illustrations:


My all-time favourite-! I love the style the characters are drawn, and 99% of the time they perfectly fit the purpose. You can edit them to your liking and don’t need to credit the author. Sometimes I love the illustration, but I’d rather a different character on it, so  I download two different illustrations and edit them by taking a character from one, and the surroundings from the second one. Works like a charm.


I discovered Blush recently, and even though I haven’t used it for any project yet, I am already loving this platform! Lots of different styles, so everyone will find their perfect illustration. Blush is available as a plugin for Figma, or a web app, to simply download the file onto your computer. There are two different options: a free plan which allows you to download illustrations in PNG format, or paid plan, where you get them in SVG format. You don’t have to credit the author in either of options.
The only issue is, there are too many lovely designs, I might have a problem to decide on one! 😂


A good chunk of license-free illustration. Edit them as you like, and I’m sure they will enhance any design!


Many Pixels offers their grand gallery of illustrations for free. You can customise the colour straight on the page, or edit the file after downloading it. There are 4 different styles to choose from Monochromatic, Isometric, Two Color and Flatline. More than enough to find THAT one you need. (MP also offers a paid plan, where you get personalised help from a design

5. is the result of a #100daysChallenge, where the author created 1 illustration a day, for 100 days. There are some new ones as well! (+COVID-19 related bundle) Really cool initiative, and you can now use them for free.


Okay so this one is a little bit different, but I loved the style of those characters, I had to add it to the list. Those illustrations are under Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license, which means you have to give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made.

You have to enter your e-mail address to download THE FULL library. You can then edit them and use on any project. As we can read on the website, each character comes with a range of poses, outfits and skin tones. There are also 43 objects to choose from to create a wide range of scenes.
Definitely worth visiting, if you don’t mind crediting the author.


Huge collection of cool illustration which will be perfect in any project. Different styles to suit both informal and formal apps/websites/infographics etc. I will definitely use it in one of my next projects.
You do need to credit and link!


Different type of source. Freeillustrations is a library of different illustrations collections. In here, you have to find out the type of licence by clicking on the collection you like. Most of the ones I clicked on where free for personal and commercial use though. I’m sure everyone will find something they like in here.


9 different styles (one of them being SVG country maps) where you can change colours to match your design. “For free images, you are required to include the link attribution back to as “Brought to you by” when using any illustrations from Graphicmaker.”
This website has a lot more cool stuff than just illustrations though. There is also a logo maker, video maker, speech maker, design maker, color matcher and font pairer too. (All have different licenses so please read Do and Donts page)

Which illustrations are you gonna use for your next project?
Let me know your favourites! 👇

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